100drine has created souvenirs with her famous Metal Boxes. Simple and ingenuous coloured drawings with a black ink outline, a rich palette of colours enthusing childhood memories, a mischievous glance on everyday objects. 100drine is also a real bric-a-brac of other creations: several bags and purses, crockery such as leftover bowls, salad bowls, plates in all sizes made of earthenware or porcelain, serving plates, coffee cups and tea mugs, a jug, egg cups, napkins, table sets, tablecloths, wash bags, pens, baskets, satchels, small jewellery, security blankets, t-shirts, soaps, bath towels, thermometers, postcards, framed posters, notebooks and workbooks, recipe books, wine notebooks, garden notebooks, address books, secret books, and friendship books, photo albums, baby books, playing cards, bingo books, memory games, dominos, colouring sets, key rings, stickers, a music box, a puppet theatre, skill games, seals, journals and diaries…

And also: paintings, sculptures, ceramics, exhibitions as well as collaborations with Vilac, Monoprix, Verbaudet, Unicef, Lu, Pressade, Tassimo, Feudi Di San Gregorio , Edition Sun Arrow,...). Edited by Sentou galerie , Atomic Soda , Quo Vadis, La Corbeille édition, Albin Michel Jeunesse and Tourbillon.